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Journal of Sports, Education, and Children is an international, periodical, and open access academic journal. Journal; under independent, unbiased, and double-blind refereeing principles, three issues are published annually in January, May, and September. The language of publication of the journal is Turkish and English. Manuscripts submitted for evaluation are accepted and published in Turkish or English. Authors will not be charged for article evaluation and publication processes in the journal.

Writing rules
General Format
Detailed information about the writing and formatting of the studies to be sent to the journal for evaluation is included in the template file. Author(s) can edit their work according to this template file. Since there is a blind referee evaluation system in our journal, authors should never include author/institution information in the template file.

After the articles are written with any word processing program, they should be saved as “.doc” or “.rtf.” Manuscripts sent in “PDF” format will not be accepted. The journal’s editorial rules are based on the document named Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals - International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (

Title Page

  • A concise and descriptive title should be a maximum of 15 words. For articles written in Turkish, a Turkish title should be written under the Turkish title. For articles written in English, a Turkish title should be written under the English title.
  • The author’s full names, academic and institutional titles (s) should be placed under the title on the title page.
  • As a footnote, the Orcid ID, institution, department, and e-mail address of the author should be included.


  • Abstracts should consist of a minimum of 150 and a maximum of 250 words in Turkish and English. The abstract should cover the purpose, method, findings, and results of the study.
  • In whatever language the article is written, the abstract should be written first in that language. If the article is in Turkish, the Turkish abstract should be placed first and then the English abstract. If the article is in English, the English abstract should be written first, followed by the Turkish abstract.
  • At the bottom of the abstract in both languages, there should be 3-5 keywords written in small letters.

Table sections should be numbered according to the order of the text. Tables are in the text. Directions cannot be used in tables. The table is appropriate in the text. Each table should be entered in the text. Stuff related to tables is required to be taken from published data from another source. It should be prepared for the purpose of a general summary and easy use and can be explained in general.

Publication Ethics and Use of Language
Each author should take into account that the submitted manuscript has not been published elsewhere, in whole or in part, in print or electronic form, or should not be currently under evaluation for publication. Manuscripts that are reviewed and decided to be published by the editorial board of the journal can be sent back to their authors for revision in line with the criticisms and suggestions received, if necessary. Submitted articles are published with the approval of the Editorial Board. The effective use of Turkish and English languages in the submitted articles is an essential criterion for evaluation.

In research articles, the main text should include the following titles;

Introduction: Brief and concise information about the subject should be given, the purpose of the study should be stated, and these should be supported by literature information.

Materials and Methods: The study plan should be given, whether randomized, retrospective, or prospective, the number of subjects, their characteristics, inclusion and exclusion criteria, and the statistical method used.

Results: The results obtained should be stated, tables and pictures should be given in order of numbers, and the results should be evaluated according to the statistical analysis method applied. Necessary information about the spelling rules of visual materials can be found in the “Pictures, Tables, Graphics and Figures” section under the “General Rules” heading.

Discussion: The obtained values should be discussed with their positive and negative aspects, compared with the literature, and the result obtained from the study should be emphasized.

Limitations of the study: In this section, what could not be done during the study process and its limitations should be stated, and suggestions for future studies should be presented.

Conclusion: The conclusion from the study should be emphasized.
Acknowledgments: Any conflict of interest, financial support, donation, and another editorial (statistical analysis, English/Turkish evaluation) and/or technical assistance should be presented at the end of the text.

References: The authors are responsible for the authenticity of the sources. Necessary information about the spelling rules of the references can be found in the “References” section under the “General Rules” heading.
Our journal organizes the articles according to the APA 7 rules and demands that the studies be prepared according to the latest APA format. Accordingly, examples of in-text and end-of-text bibliography that we use in our journal are given below.

The title of the book should be given in italics and lowercase letters. The title of the book should have a dot at the beginning and end, and then the publisher should be given with a plain and capital letter.

Potter, J., & Wetherell, M. (1987). Discourse and social psychology: beyond attitudes and behaviour. Sage. (Only the publisher should be given, but not the place of publication.) The text should be given as books (Potter & Wetherell, 1987). The & sign should be used in place of the words and or and.

In articles, the name of the article should be written in lower case, but the journal name should begin with a capital letter and should be written in italics. Journal volume number should be italicized, but the number should be plain in parentheses.
Guadalupe, M., Li, H., & Wulf, J. (2014). Who lives in the C-suite? Organizational structure and the division of labor in top management. Management Science, 60(4), 824-844. In the text, it should be given as (Guadalupe, Li & Wulf, 2014).
You can find detailed information about other resource types on the APA 7 official website.

Publication Rights
The publication rights of the studies published in the journal belong to the journal. Published studies are the responsibility of the authors, and Sports, Education and Children’s Journal (SEC) cannot be held responsible directly or indirectly.

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